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Although I have covered the most frequently asked questions about my training on here  I am always happy to chat on the phone if you have any queries or prefer to find out a bit more about my approach to training.

I set up Brilliance Training in 1998 having already spent many years supporting people in learning and development.  I have worked with blue chip companies, professional services and individual business owners, I have supported councils, medical organisations and the emergency services and I’ve also trained within charities. 

When you bring in training to resolve a challenge in the organisation you may be asking stressed, busy, people with low motivation to attend. If you were to ask them they would probably say "I am not at my best in this state" Indeed that is correct they will not get the best out of the day or days.

 I believe understanding the nature of a quiet or clear mind is the fundamental tenet to effective training in many areas of soft skills. It is for that reason I put it front and centre in all training. 

I would say it's coaching in a training session. I use theory in a succinct way and back this up with focused and practical exercises. I aim for each attendee to feel as if they are getting a one to one session by giving them the right balance of support and challenge. Since I believe it is crucial to work in this way I make no charge for bespoking a course to the specific requirements of your organisation.

My career and qualifications have enabled me to achieve Chartered status of the Institute of Personnel and Development and an MSc Masters in Organisation development. I also hold a Diploma in training management and numerous associated trainings.  This is complemented by a total commitment to the” inside out approach” because it both reflects the truth of how we work and is practical and applicable to everyday business issues. (see blog on inside out in a nutshell).

Neither, there are no models, techniques, tools, procedures, things to do or practice.  Please see my blog posts for more information or indeed get in touch to find out more

Yes, however these are bespoke programmes that are different to traditional theory based or behavioural training.

I do, but this is not counselling.  It won’t include delving into the past or ruminating on problems. The emphasis will be on understanding how the mind works naturally and how to more readily access your own wisdom, solutions and personal insights.

Imagine the power in realising "I am just one thought away from being in a different state" From stressed to calm, from closed to open, from overwhelmed to in control. Imagine the difference in your organisation if your staff could remove the incessant (often negative) noise from their minds to allow the space for creative, insightful, fresh thought to flow throughout the business... 

Would that not take them - and your business - to another level?

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