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In a complex business world where you're fighting off the competition and pushing for constant innovation are you just looking for training in customer relationships, performance management, motivation or communications...


...or are you actually looking for clarity of thinking around all of these things?


Clarity of thought not only reduces chronic mental stress it also improves communication, relationships and collaboration. This leads to a release of collective innovation and  - ultimately - drives results.


Our minds are designed for success, so let me show you how to break the cycle of a poor state of mind underpinning a poor performance. Isn't it time time for your organisation to have the fresh, alternative training it deserves? 



  • Do you need your staff to improve their creative thinking or clarity of thought to take you to the next level?


  • Do members of your team struggle with performance issues or mental stress?


  • Could collaboration and communication within the organisation be enhanced?


  • Could your business benefit from improved emotional intelligence, revitalised teams and strengthened relationships?


I have been training in conventional methods for many years - bringing in psychology and cognitive approaches as well as instructing in standard management techniques. However,  I believe that successful training only truly delivers when the attendees are shown how to think differently about thinking. This transforms the effect of the training on the attendees - but don't just take my word for it...


"Peter consistently attracts event scores in the excellent tolerances and he really makes a difference to the staff and delegates he trains. He is an inspirational trainer and many of our staff now have excellent knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours matching our organisational standards and frameworks as a direct result of attending one of his events. In times of organisational change we have valued and welcomed his pragmatic and solution approach to solving challenges and overcoming barriers"    

Julie Ferroni, Learning & Development Operations Manager

Public /Voluntary Sectors


In any organisation with a diminishing resource, it's a real struggle both to maintain morale AND help staff cope with the pace of change and that heavy workload. What's more cynical department heads are probably looking for more than the standard training programmes in which they may have lost faith.  This is where Brilliance Training comes in...


  • Is your organisation struggling with staff absenteeism, work related stress or relationship conflict?


  • Are you looking to develop employee engagement or run resilience and wellbeing programmes?


  • Could you do with some help in terms of improving your customer facing techniques at times of stress?


Not only can I help with this,  I can also show your staff how to gain an understanding of their own experience and get a handle on the TRUE source of their problems and stress.


"Peter is the embodiment of what he believes and coaches. His thorough and continuously evolving knowledge of performance psychology is always perfectly pitched to the audience he has" I have returned to Peter several times and on each occasion learnt new methods and skills in critical thinking and situational analysis"  

Ed Henriet, Staff Inspector at HMIC



Individuals can often benefit from some focussed personal development to fast track them to wellbeing and performing optimally again. This can take the form of an ongoing mentoring programme or a more intensive two day one to one breakthrough training package


Where there’s an immediate or crucial need you might find they would benefit from private bespoke individual intervention. Of course, some people simply prefer  a one to one programme rather than working within a group


I have known Peter Taylor for a number of years and he is without doubt the best coach on the workings of the mind I have had the pleasure to work with. From very early on in meeting him, he told me and consequently many others that we ‘were’ going to be successful and we not only believed him, we were successful! He has a relaxed, informative and fun way of delivering his messages.   

Gary Stubbington, PGA Hockley

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