The inside out approach explained by others

on Wed 8 Feb


I'm often asked to recommend further reading and it is, of course, personal preference and depends on purpose.  However,  below I have included examples which I've found clear and accessible and if any of those writers resonate with you there are multiple YouTube clips to explore -  including full hour-long and free webinars with most.


My experience is - and its well documented in this subject - that we come to deeply ‘see’ it or understand it from personal insights (ah ha! or lightbulb moments) and not from an intellectual interpretation. Much like we would come to understand how to balance on our first bicycle or from experiencing it like trying to explain the taste of honey.


I certainly made the mistake of ignoring that sound advice and as I do, consumed everything! Every book, clip, online course, retreat training, and so forth. However it has given me a wealth of material to share with you...


For Personal Development/Some Spiritual

Coming Home                                   Dr Dicken Bettinger & Natasha Swerdloff             


For Business

Invisible Power                                 Manning/Charbit/Krot                                                  


Changing Habits

Little Book of Change                       Amy Johnson PhD                                                          


For Sport

Path of No Resistance                      Garret Kramer      

The Principles of outstanding Golf      Sam Jarman


For children or for people working with children

My Guide Inside                                Christa Campsall


Short Story (and original inspiration)

Second Chance                                 Sydney Banks                                                                   


I would also recommend the following websites for further reading and free resources


I hope you find these resources helpful and I also hope you'd like to get in touch to have your training delivered in this powerful way! 


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