Nothing to fear but fear itself

on Sat 7 Jan


Imagine you are in the woods and see a snake. Your body reacts by switching into fight or flight mode.


Your hypothalamus tells your sympathetic nervous system to go up a gear so your body's responses speed up and you tense up and become alert.


Simultaneously stress hormones are released causing your heart rate to quicken and your blood pressure to rise.


The veins in your skin constrict to send more blood to the major muscles (and this is what causes that chill we associate with fear)


Your digestive and immune systems shut down as they are - in these circumstances - non essential and you have trouble focusing on detail as your brain requires you to look at the big picture to see where the danger is coming from.


However, on closer inspection the snake is a stick.


At this thought your mind accepts the fact and your body immediately begins to self correct. The realisation has freed you from the grip of illusory thought and allows you to behave in a way that you had only just previously thought impossible.


So although part of the anxious residual feeling remains you could actually pick up the stick.


Understanding the nature of a clear or quiet mind is essential to easing our way through the world both at home and at work.


As Franklin D Roosevelt once said "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself"


If you'd like to help your staff behave in a more positive and creative way - perhaps in a way that they had previously thought impossible - please get in touch.



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