Inside-out in a nutshell Part 1

on Tue 6 Dec

I find that analogies are often useful when sharing new ideas so I’d like you to consider gravity and magnetism


As you know gravity and magnetism are forces in nature which are described in science as having potential ENERGY. Obviously this energy is FORMLESS (you can’t detect it with your senses but, of course,  you can see the effect easily and obviously)


As such this energy contains (beware, language limitation!) “ INFORMATION” or qualities or ‘intelligence’ that gives it characteristics.


What’s more gravity and magnetism are both examples of UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES that operate 100% of the time for everyone independent of your beliefs or understanding of them. Indeed these principles actually don’t care what you think!


Happy with that? OK - now let’s consider the nature of thought


Could you start to see the thoughts in which you are immersed  or which always flow through you as FORMLESS   ENERGY containing INFORMATION or qualities or intelligence?


Can you see that  thought is also a UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLE, independent of belief or understanding, independent of your education, and – most importantly -  separate from outside circumstance or situation?


If you can, this will help you to now pay little or no attention to the content of thought or thinking. Just see it as neutral (at first) ENERGY which engages with our brain/body (biochemistry) creating ‘feelings’ irrespective of anything going on ‘outside’.


Your intellect might now add a ton of personal thinking (more on that later) but for now see it as a  UNIVERSAL  FORMLESS  ENERGY  with an amazing quality and powerful creativity to it.


‘So you feel thought not circumstance. Moment to moment ….THE MIND WORKS INSIDE – OUT!


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