Free yourself from the grip of thought

on Fri 6 Jan


Has it ever occurred to you that we can only experience an outside situation through the filter of our perception.


Although we may essentially be creating a virtual film of our lives we still get very upset when people do not play their parts in the way we believe they are supposed to!


So we might see a particular circumstance as a problem, and we might feel conflicted, anxious or frustrated when colleagues and acquaintances seem to be violating our long held values or beliefs.


Of course this can prompt unhelpful behaviours which results in conflicts and layer upon layer of thoughts about a "problem" that will only perpetuate division in our teams.


Thought not only creates mood it can create physiological symptoms and this is where staff go off sick with anxiety, tension headaches or insomnia.


Amazingly all these challenges in an organisation can be resolved by the understanding that thought is transitory and even illusory.


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