Different Strokes for Different Folks

on Fri 30 Dec

It often helps to see something explained in a number of different ways as one of those ways will help point you towards the truth or act as a catalyst for your own insights.


Here are some sentences that have helped my trainees understand this principle


  • Thought arises then naturally clears, we don’t control this process so don’t meddle…….
  • There’s nothing to do really except stop doing what’s not helping, like stirring up more thinking…
  • Just don’t mind the mind
  • We can only experience our thoughts – inner and outer worlds moment to moment – not circumstances or situations
  • Becoming less and less interested in the content of thoughts as you go along allows the system to flow…
  • You are not your thinking, you are the awareness of your thinking…
  • Thinking is initially neutral unless we engage with it.
  • If your thoughts wander onto a negative and rocky path, don’t take them too seriously.
  • Look for common sense plain old fashioned common sense
  • Many people make the mistake of believing that their moods create their thoughts; in reality it is their thoughts that produce their moods.
  • Your personal mind activates your thoughts and makes them good or bad
  • Wisdom is an innate intelligence everyone possesses deep within their souls, before the contamination of the outer world of creation.
  • The brain and the mind are two entirely different things
  • All feelings derive and become alive, whether positive or negative, from the power of thought
  • Everyone shares the same innate source of wisdom, but it is hidden by the tangle of our own misguided personal thoughts
  • Grasping that struggles stem from thought, and not circumstance, is what allows the self-corrective nature of the mind to spring into action
  • Insight /wisdom are before the thinking process.
  • See emotions as neutral, as signposts that alert us to the quality of our thinking and helps keep us on track.


Many of these are from Sydney Banks, Garret Kramer and Elsie Spittle which may give you a taste for finding out more. I will share their helpful publications in a future post about helpful reading matter.  

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