Are you delaying happiness?

on Wed 18 Jan


Bob Marley had a point when he sang "Don't worry be happy" and it's the "be happy" bit I want to talk about further.


Many of us don't realise that we constantly delay happiness or contentment either by incorrectly blaming our unhappy states on events in the past or by making our happiness dependent on something which has yet to happen.


Events in the past could be something like a failed relationship, a missed opportunity, or something  as trivial as someone once said about you which you replay in your head.


But as Bob Marley continues "In every life we have some trouble but when you worry you make it double"


Are you delaying your happiness because you are waiting on something to deliver it. Beware of saying "I'll be happy when I've paid off the mortgage" or "when I retire" or "when it's Friday!"


It's important to realise that its always thought that creates your experience. Don't worry BE happy.


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