An immune system for the mind (Inside – out in a nutshell part 2)

on Fri 16 Dec

If you haven't already read it, part 1 of this blog post is here


Assuming general health and wellbeing, we have extraordinary immune system, that’s generally considered as being in the body.


But consider for a moment its equivalent in the mind – if you like a psychological immune system. Thought builds up and the system clears it. We don’t control this any more than we repair skin cuts or fight viruses in our blood.


That’s right, the mind is designed to self-correct unless we meddle or add personal thinking (worry) or dwell on things which then jams the system.


When we do this this the energy (thought) builds up and we feel insecure, agitated, or blocked,


When we avoid this the energy flows and clears  thus creating a calm or clear sensation.


Feelings, therefore, are a remarkable and reliable guide to the state of our psychological immune system and our moment to moment thinking (which is not driven by outside circumstance or situation).


It’s really important to see that both clarity and blocked are normal cycles for us and therefore they are acceptable situations in which to operate


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