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All my training is based on the understanding of the inside out nature of our experience. Contrary to how it appears, we ‘feel’ our subjective thoughts moment to moment, we’re not actually reacting objectively  to the actual circumstances or situations on the outside


I must give credit, respect and thanks to Sydney Banks who uncovered and pioneered this understanding, coining the phrase ‘Three Principles’ since the 1970’s. There are many approaches relating to the nature of thought and life experiences (neo cognitive, psychology, non duality Vedanta, Equart Tolle, ancient philosophy, basis of most religions  etc) but none so simple and accessible.


This principle is uniquely without practices or people to follow. No strategies or doctrine, just understanding that you can ‘only’ intuit or ‘see’ from the experience that creates your view of the world , not actually from the intellect. This is what makes it different and increasingly attractive and popular.


There is a catastrophic misunderstanding of how our minds work which causes untold suffering and limitation. By contrast, the hugely positive implications and applications of understanding the inside out principal are far reaching and I’m hoping my blog posts will give you an insight into how this can be applied in terms of the many challenges that face both individuals and organisations.  Please e-mail me if you have any questions about any posts.

The inside out approach explained by others

Peter Taylor on Wed 8 Feb

I’m often asked if there is any published research of this inside out approach? There is indeed,  so if you'd like to find out more here's the reading matter I recommend. 

Are you delaying happiness?

Peter Taylor on Wed 18 Jan

Bob Marley had a point when he sang "Don't worry be happy" 

Nothing to fear but fear itself

Peter Taylor on Sat 7 Jan

Your thoughts create your experience and for some people that's a difficult place to be.

Free yourself from the grip of thought

Peter Taylor on Fri 6 Jan

Creating a no blame culture starts with you 


Different Strokes for Different Folks

Peter Taylor on Fri 30 Dec

It often helps to see something explained in a number of different ways as one of those ways will help point you towards the truth or act as a catalyst for your own insights.

Inside-out in a nutshell part 2

Peter Taylor on Fri 16 Dec

Have you considered the fact that we might have a psychological immune system...?

Inside-out in a nutshell

Peter Taylor on Tue 6 Dec

You feel thought not circumstance. Moment to moment ….THE MIND WORKS INSIDE – OUT!

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