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After 30 years in the profession of supporting people in learning and personal development, I can honestly say that managing your state of mind has never been so timely and needed.  This is reflected in higher levels of stress, in absenteeism in the workplace and in lower levels of motivation.


Having trained in many sectors, I’ve also found that wherever they are and whatever they do people face similar problems. Top of the list being overwhelm in all its many guises.


What doesn't help, of course, is that most organisations have not yet understood the key link between state of mind and performance and I'm afraid this is holding them back - often with catastrophic consequences.


My approach is very much descriptive not prescriptive. I train by guiding people to their own insights about what’s true for them and by revealing the logic to tap into their own innate wisdom or common sense. There’s no telling people what’s best for them or indeed telling them my personal opinion about their circumstances - they have to see this for themselves


The key to my training success is very simple.  I explain how the mind works from the inside out and how it’s actually designed for success. This means your staff can stop feeling overwhelmed and your company can start benefiting from their more creative ideas and solutions. 


Effectively, my approach is not only to deliver the training your organisation wants but to add value in terms of what it needs by helping your employees work at a new level of effectiveness. 


You have the reassurance of working with a training professional (MSc HRD) and a member of a Chartered Institute (MCIPD) who undertakes ongoing CPD with professional mentoring and training. I’m also honest about any areas where I haven’t got professional expertise

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