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Make the leap!

Based in Hampshire and working with businesses, organisations and individuals, I’m a specialist training professional who provides added value by sharing an understanding of how thought itself creates both our experience and our state of mind moment to moment and day to day.


The implication of this is a real game changer in training and development. It has applications to business ranging from the eradication of chronic stress to being a catalyst for creative thinking. What’s more it works in private, public and charity sectors and across the board in terms of training requirements including:


  • Resilience & Wellbeing
  • Team Leader Development programmes
  • People skills of great customer service
  • Coaching & Mentoring Skills for managers
  • Presentation Skills
  • Accelerated Personal Development (individuals or groups)


All my training is underpinned by an innovative approach to managing your mind which leads to a decrease in mental stress and an increase in confidence, clarity of thought and resilience. This improves communication, collaboration, relationships and - ultimately - performance way beyond the training day.


It’s all too easy to waste money on ineffective training which unknowingly ignores a fundamental fact about how our minds operate. Please get in touch if you'd like to avoid this and maximise the positive benefits of your training budget.

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